Infra-Red Heat Lamp/Bulb for Route Stand/Hot Rack

Infra-Red Heat Lamp/Bulb for Route Stand/Hot Rack


Part of our vast range of Spares/Replacements available on our website. These Infra-Red Heat Bulbs are used on our Route Stand/Hot Rack, held in place by our Infra-Red Lamp Holders in and shielded by our Infra-Red Reflectors to prevent damage to the unit and wires.

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  • These are non-jacketed, push in and 300w low pressure.
  • The lamp is supplied in a protective sleeve, and should not be touched by hand.
  • These are the only Heat Bulbs that are compatible with our Route Stands.
  • Using any other Heat Bulbs may cause permanent damage to your Route Stand.
  • These should be replaced at regular intervals to maximise the efficiency of the Route Stand.

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