Candy Cushion Cutter (Humbug Machine)


Part of our vast range of Candy Manufacturing Equipment.

Available in automatic and manual variations.

Our table top designed machine has been fully developed alongside candy manufacturers to produce equal sized pillows from candy rope.

Candy rope is automatically pulled through the cutting wheels once initially fed. The rope is cut into pillows (humbugs) but still linked until the candy has cooled. Once brittle, the pillows are easily separated and ready for packing.

304 grade stainless steel is used throughout the machine for hygiene and ease of cleaning. All the parts which need cleaning regularly can be removed easily. The cutting wheels are positively driven, so once aligned on installation, the wheels will always be set up correctly.

The machine is fully guarded to guarding regulations with an interlocked door, so when opened, the cutting wheels stop. A reset button is pressed to resume the machine, once the door is closed.

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