Four-Station Knee-Operated Stainless Steel Sink


Part of our vast range of Knee-Operated Hand Wash SinksOur Four-Station Stainless Steel Sink is perfect for any hand washing area, the four built-in stations are brilliant for conserving space in comparison to using four separate sink units. This gives the ability for four people to wash their hands simultaneously which is ideal for busy areas. Fully welded, manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, and grain polished, you can be assured that the sink is both hygienic and aesthetically appealing in your application.

We offer 1-6 station Knee-Lever Sinks on our website: -

We offer wall mounted or pedestal mounted options to cater for all your requirements. The wash trough comes complete with spouts, knee-lever valves, valve to spout plumbing hoses and waste. Two thermostatic water mixing valves can also be purchased if there are both hot and cold water feeds to the sink.

Unit Dimensions:   2020 x 375 x 580mm (W x D x H)

Basin Dimensions:  1975 x 280 x 155mm (W x D x H)


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