Route Stand Bulb Information

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It has come to our attention that higher wattage bulbs have been fitted to our route stands after delivery.

Our route stands are manufactured for a maximum bulb wattage of 300W. Under no circumstances should higher wattage bulbs be fitted.

The most commonly fitted bulb has been found to be a 500w bulb. This poses a fire risk and should not be fitted. Evidence of higher wattage bulbs fitted can be blackened holders and melted plugs.

We ask all stores to check their route stands and immediately remove any bulbs that have a wattage over 300W. Any damaged to the route stand, which is found to be caused by an unapproved bulb, will not be covered under Icon Engineering (Wisbech) Ltd warranty.

The only approved bulbs for our route stands are a 300w infra-red heat lamp. These are available to purchase from our online store (Route Stand Bulbs).

Choose an Icon approved bulb as these will increase the longevity of your route stand and will not damage the internal wiring. If the bulb is cleaned properly and regularly, the life of the bulb will be significantly increased.

Bulbs will also be regularly included in our monthly offers, the first of which will run throughout the month of September.

If you are unsure how to fit or clean your bulbs, please email or call 01945 474411 for more information.

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